Polyvinyl alcohol that meets environmental needs with biodegradability and multi-functionality

Mitsubishi Chemical has developed a wide variety of specialty grades through continuous research and engineering. Its products have been widely and continuously used as industrial materials and treatment agents.
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Strengths of Mitsubishi Chemical

Having a wide variety of functional polyvinyl alcohols

We have focused on the development of applications using specially modified PVOH, which provides new functions to GOHSENOL™.
We have developed GOHSENX™ and Nichigo G-Polymer™ as specialty brands with higher added value, which have established themselves as indispensable materials for special applications.

These brands can achieve a performance that was difficult to achieve with the conventional GOHSENOL™ series, thereby providing high added value to customer products.

We resolve social issues and customer requirements with our product development capabilities and flexible adaptivity that satisfy diverse needs.

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